VW Jetta / GLI Fiberglass Trunk Subwoofer Preform
Fits 2005-10 Models
Finally someone has done the messy and troublesome part for
you.  This is a perfect fit Fiberglass Preform of the Left Driver
side Trunk cavity.  

This preform contains Approximately 1.1 cubic foot of airspace in
its current form.  It holds 35 quarts of water (one cubic foot is
about 31.25 quarts)   

This preform is a great start to a custom fiberglass sub box.  You
can easily meet the Air Space requirements for almost any
subwoofer because of its size.  

-The back is a very smooth glassy finish and doesn't require any
further work.
-All corners are triple reinforced and will not flex or crack. **
-The preform is built using 1 1/2 oz. Chop Strand Mat and
standard polyester layup Resin.

Purchase Options Available at Checkout
Single Layer Layup - $63
Double Layer Layup - $78

Notes about options:
**Single Layer Layup has triple layer reenforcement on all
corners but back and sidewalls will require further reinforcement
for you to complete your subwoofer enclosure.

**Double Layer Layup will have corners reinforced 4 times and
may or may not require further reenforcement to complete your
enclosure. (Level of enforcement is dependent on the subwoofer
you are installing)
$22.78 On All US Orders
USPS Ground (2-7 Day) Shipping
Order Will Ship From  Illinois 60563
**Expedited Service Available
Email:Support@mobilfaction.com for inquiry.
**Due To Package Size
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2005-10 Jetta / GLI / TDI models