VW / AUDI Torque Arm Insert
Rabbit 2007-09
Jetta V 2.0T 2005-08
Eos 2.0&3.2 2007-8
GTI MKV 2006-08
Golf VI 2.5L 2010
Jetta V & VI 2005+
Passat B6 2006-08
A3 2006-08
R32 2008
TT 2.0T & 3.2,  2008
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The Torque Arm Insert stiffens the linkage between the transmission and the front lower control
arm cross member.  Made of 82A Hardness Polyurethane.

When you mash the gas and the engine twists energy is lost in the stock bushing.
The Torque Arm Insert will help to reduce that loss of energy.   

With the Torque arm insert in place you will notice harder shifts and a feeling of more thrust under
hard acceleration.  You will also notice a reduction in wheel hop.  

This Kit Includes: the Torque Arm Insert, 3” washer, and ¾” inner washer.
Personal Customer Experience:
    Tim: (2.0T Jetta, P-flow intake, Magnaflow exhaust) On a smooth road in sport
    mode under full acceleration from a dead stop, both wheels spin and you
    begin to drift sideways!  Yes, Sideways.  

*Mobilfaction.com does not guarantee this will happen to you but it can happen
depending on the setup you have.*  
Installation Instructions           Time 20 Minutes.

Tools: 21MM Socket Wrench, Soapy Water or Silicone Spray.

In the Picture to the Left, inside the circle is the OEM bushing there is a 21mm bolt in
the middle of the linkage.  

1) Jack up the car and support it with jack stands. (Never work under a car supported
with only with a Jack!)
2) Use the 21mm socket wrench to remove the bolt in the center of the bushing.  
3) Use soapy water or silicone spray to lubricate the inside of the bushing and the
torque arm insert.  Then push in the Mobilfaction insert.  
4) By hand fit put the ¾” washer into the center of the Mobilfaction insert.  Then using
the 21mm bolt (removed) put on the 3” washer.  Then reinstall the 21mm bolt with the 3”
washer into the linkage and tighten to 74-75 ft. lbs.
Front End Underbody